Top Mobile App Development Company In Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Top Mobile App Development Company Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Core Services

  • iPhone App Development
  • Android App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Mobile App Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Growth Marketing
  • Prototyping

Yati Labs, a top mobile app development company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi having a client base across the globe, deals in plethora of services such as iPhone app development, android app development,  UI/UX design, enterprise software and much more. We provide pitching tips and networking advice to our clients, as a result the outcome is phenomenal.

We deliver customer centric range of scalable and business oriented mobile app development services.

Our staff of mobile app developers embark upon the journey with insatiable passion and are zealous about their work. They carry out the execution without leaving a room for errors. They help in the refinement of ideas, solution to business bugs and the alignment of clients and team.

Why Choose Us? 

One of the best Mobile App Development Companies In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

People prefer to choose app development companies that are remarkably functional. It is always better to consult with the experts and leave it to them to design and develop your mobile app. This way you are assured of quality which is better than saving a few bucks rather getting a dysfunctional app in return.

We vow to develop innovative solutions and engaging applications. Yati Labs, top mobile app development company offers you the futuristic, scalable and functional business apps for all iOS and Android devices. We aim at the principle of conception to completion which is henceforth proved in the company’s tagline “bring us your ideas and we will bring it to life.” We don’t settle for an average, we shoot to provide you with the products that are beyond the ordinary. The combination of many years of experience and an eye for creativity helps us to provide our clients with an unbeaten results.

Connect Better with Customers

Customer service now is no longer one to one communication between the client and the company’s rep. It helps the company drive the acquisition, retention and efficiency that makes the leading companies successful.

In today’s time the high powered  mobile phones are within easy reach at all times, the true game-changer in customer service is now mobile apps.

The ubiquitous presence of mobile phones and applications act as an interface geared specifically to provide your customers with the best experience of studying and deciding whether they want to buy your product.

Hence, the apps are seen as a means to primarily improve customer service. Without sounding creepy, your business always revolves around the customer.

So, customer service is one of our top priorities (like it should be) and mobile apps are the answer to raising customer satisfaction across the board. To summarise, let your digital product do the talking.

Why would you need a mobile application for your business?

It’s an irrefutable fact that we live in a world where technology is flourishing by leaps and bounds. It has penetrated deep into the lives of an individual. Some businesses are of the view that a social media page is enough to take their business to soaring heights as it acts as a biggest influencer and represents your brand effectively but things have changed now and sole presence on social media is not enough. Although the competition is undeniably tough. Mobile apps help you drive targeted traffic, build brand loyalty, helps to establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

In today’s time, mobile devices are in our pockets, aren’t they? The grass root level function of these devices is to run innumerable applications that serve unimaginable functions.

The migration of business from the physical world of handing out pamphlets, hanging billboards to the digital world offers countless numbers of products.

Many of us think  “Our business doesn’t need a mobile app to sell products to our loyal clients.” But trust us if you want to reap greater benefits you definitely need a mobile app for your business whether small or big.

In the present scenario, the choice of best app developers carries much significance in order to take  the business to the zenith of success. We at Yati Labs help you make better decisions for your mobile app development needs, create customised digital experiences for your ideas. We are simply passionate about developing truly memorable iPhone apps, Android apps and websites.

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Product Development Cycle

The product development cycle comprises of stages as shown in our infographic below:

Product Development Cycle


In the planning stage we define the scope of the project. By defining the scope we mean that we would uncover all the grey areas from your requirements, will conduct repeated calls and brainstorming sessions, meetings over coffee just so we churn out every micro detail to have a solid business case.

The planning is vital in order to have a valid business case for your product and a great plan gives your startup the best chance to succeed.

To begin with, we’d like you to ponder over the following questions :

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Is there a need for the product you are wanting to develop? If so, what’s the niche you would be selling it to your customers?
  • How does the market for your product looks like in the future? What could be the potential share for your product?
  • Who are the competitors you competing with and how? 

The answers to the above questions would help us to position our product in the market. And these along with roadmap and strategic plan are indispensable since this would define our development process.

So upon finalising the answers to the questions, consider that a seed for your product has been sown. Now it is time to water the seed, that is to start the development process.


Plainly put this is when the product, that is a Mobile app or a website, is built. 

The development for any app is an ongoing process. Unfortunately, it is not straightforward as saying “get it built”. The product needs to be broken down into features with specification and user stories for each feature.

Upon defining the features list with user stories and specifications, the product backlog is created. From the product backlog, the features that are to be developed in priority are added into sprints as user stories. This would assist in identifying what are the most important features that are needed first.

We suggest to define the sprints in a way so as to roll out the most core features in your first release in a sense that you could roll out an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The MVP allows you to enter the market with the necessary features to be used by your customers. Developing an MVP has lots of other benefits too, such as, cost effectiveness, efficient testing, positioning app in the market, adaptability and asses how your target audience responds to the product.


Entering the market with an MVP is paramount to test the assumption made during the planning stage. The early feedback sets the tone for the product. 

We leverage evaluation of any products using various tools  and techniques. One of the most widely and tested tools used for studying user’s behaviour on product is by using Google Analytics. And there are some key metrics and performance indicators for assessing the success of a product.

  • Acquisition
  • Cost of acquisition
  • Revenue
  • Rate of revenue growth
  • AARRR metrics
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue

The evaluation would provide you with some useful data, from the data if the feedback observed is to tweak some features, do it immediately and roll out the update.


At this stage you let your target audience know that your product is live. There are numerous ways in achieving this. For example, advertisements, creating public launch events, promoting posts through Instagram and/or Facebook etc. 

At Yati Labs, we believe everything should have a perfect timing and our endeavours are always to map a plan for launching your product at the perfect time and market situations. After a successful launch, we assess your product’s performance.


The collection of metrics and their analysis would assist you to gather insight into the performance of the product. Some of the vitals during this phase are A/B testing, getting an ROI  which involves getting customer to return to the product to use it again.

Each feature is re-tested during this phase in order to gauge if that feature is worth keeping or does it requires any iteration or should be simply dropped. Based on the assessment results you iterate the product features that requires iteration or kill the features that are needed no more.

Iterate or Drop

In continuation to the above set of evaluate and assessment phases, the definitive sheet is prepared that enlists the features that are to be redeveloped/tweaked or enhanced and features that should be removed.

We ensure you that following this product life cycle, your mobile app/website can beat the competition, apparently build a strong market share and innovate continuously.

Mobile App Development Services 

iPhone App Development

During the first iteration of Apple’s app store in 2008, we merely had 500 apps. We have come a long way since then, registering over more than 2.5 million apps till date. With over 30 billion app downloads, one can figure out the prominence usage of apps in an individual’s life. 

Keeping these facts in mind, our top iPhone app developers craft the apps that gets recognised on the app store. 

With an average experience of 7-8 years of our developers in the field of iOS app development, we follow Apple’s app development principles, their UI methodologies and make sure that we serve the best user experience for our client’s targeted audience. The total downloads of all our iPhone apps till date has been staggering 20m+ with a great retention rate and is counting as you read this. 

Yati Labs team of iOS app development experts are relentless when it comes to bringing client’s idea to life. They strive to deliver the apps that gets noticed, rank top in the stores, be it design, user experience or visual appeal.

Android App Development

With more than 2 million apps on the play store and 76 billion apps downloads, android apps are the most worldwide used apps. Android apps are powered by Google’s OS and till date we have 14 versions of Android’s OS that are named very selectively i.e. in an alphabetical order. Our experience rich team of Android Mobile App Development company in Dubai experts continuously make an effort to design & build best in class android apps that appeal and work beyond the ordinary. Our total download of android apps have crossed 20m+ till date. The results show the amount of sincerity, dedication and stubbornness we put in the work we undertake. It took grit, hard work and sleepless nights for our teams to make our mobile app development company amongst one of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Whether you are looking for an app or website for your brick and mortar shop or you have an idea that you would like to bring to life, lets schedule a time to discuss before it is too late. We have a proven record and our services would definitely bring smile on your face. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Prototyping is an integral part of design thinking and user experience design as it allows us to test the product flow in its initial stages itself. Initial stages review lets us know about the shortcomings if any, and the areas needed to be improved. The positive impact of doing so is it saves time during the development phases. We always follow the principle of “Slow is Fast“. Time spent initially saves lots of man hours in the longer run.

Prototyping could be anything from sketches on paper or designs on the white board : just anything that lets us make your ideas tangible and testable.

We strongly recommend to have an interactive prototype for all the exciting new web or mobile app ideas as it depicts the clear picture if the designs would have the traction for the targeted audience or not. Some of the famous tools we use for interactive prototyping but not limited to are – invision, marvelapp,, axure and balsamiq. 

React Native App Development

React Native is the native version of the popular JavaScript library – ReactJS, maintained by the developers at Facebook and Instagram. In just 2 years of its existence, React Native has gained massive popularity amongst the developer community. 

Our adroit team of react native developers have had a chance to adopt and work on various projects during the initial stages of its launch and since then we have never looked back. The benefits of React Native technology is “one size fits all” meaning, one component designed and developed works equally for both iOS and Android. 

Due to its cross platform nature, it makes app development much faster. With the utilisation of Redux – the state management tool, the development time reduces significantly too. The rich ecosystem and the vibrant, growing community are tell tale signs that React Native will soon become a norm for mobile app development.

If you are looking for a mobile app development company or best app developers, give us a shout.